Dryophytes suweonensis, 2019. May. 29, Seoul, Photo by Yoonhyuk Bae
Onychodactylus koreanus, 2019. May. 09, Chuncheon in South Korea, photo by Yoonhyuk Bae
Hynobius quelpaertensis, 2018. March. 11, Jeju island, photo by Yoonhyuk Bae
Hynobius leechii, 2018. March. 28, Kangwon-do Chunchoen by Yoonhyuk Bae
Hynobius unisacculus, 2019. March. 09, Jeollanam-do Goheung, photo by Yoonhyuk Bae
Karsenia koreana, 2017. August 22, Mt.Jangtae, photo by Yoonhyuk Bae


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