Barn Swallow Team



  • Habitat preferences in urban areas
    • Where are they breeding in Seoul?
    • These of landscape configurations, compositions
    • Predictions about nests positions
    • Where are themes “Swallow friendly” nest sites in Seoul?
  • What is influencing reproduction success in urban areas?
    • Is the presence of human influencing the predator effect?
    • Is reproduction success linked to human traffic, food availability, landscape data, nest types etc.
    • Which balance between disturbance and co-operation?
  • The effect of human care
    • Are the individual motivations to conserve barn swallow nests in a private house?
    • What does the presence of Swallows bring to the city-dwellers (a win-win situation?)
  • The citizen participating science
    • Collecting information on the breeding sites of the barn swallows throughout South Korea with the participation of ordinary citizens.



Dami Jeong, Hortense Serret